We are a group of professionals with backgrounds in eCommerce, Artificial Intelligence and Petascale computing. We founded this company with the purpose of providing fully automated solutions that take eCommerce operations and shopping experience to the next level.

At eComSensus, we develop technologies by following the principle that technology should be in charge of optimizing your KPIs and ensuring shoppers satisfaction without requiring teams of AI experts or operations’ staff.

Our goal is to fully automate tedious and costly but also critical operations and objectives such as shopping conversions and multi-channel sales, customer retention and reach-outs, advertising, inventory management, processing and sourcing.

All our solutions come with petabyte capabilities and real-time performance scaling from few thousands of SKUs to 100s of millions and serving millions of customers with zero compromises on daily base.

Our business model and pricing reflect to your business size and requirements. We tie our partnership to your business performance and growth goals.


Our Objectives For Your Business

  • Customer Base Growth
  • Customer Retention and Engagement
  • High Conversions and Returns
  • Automating Operations
  • Reducing Operating Costs
  • Reducing Staff Requirements
  • Intelligent Inventory Management
  • AI Business Intelligence
  • Privacy-Law Compliance

AI Commerce Analytics

We have developed a set of proprietary Analytics technologies that produce unique and precise insights regarding your business operations and goals. Our analytics framework is the intelligence engine that drives all our solutions and services.

4 Types of Intelligence


Information described in human language is of critical importance for Business Intelligence purposes. Our Tailored Natural Language Processing Analytics process product inventories, user inputs, social media and open web content. The insights we collect power all our solutions and services from Recommendations to Lead Generation.


Our solutions collect behavioral data from users on your platform, social media and partnered websites or platforms. eComSensus behavioral analytics extract unique traits regarding the shopper’s patterns and interests. The data we collect are leveraged again across solutions such as Personalized Ads,  Basket Optimizations and Promotions.


Image understanding is becoming prevalent nowadays. Extracting quality information from images on your platform or on  social and web is of key importance for delivering intuitive results. Our Image Analysis is capable of reasoning on arbitrary images and deliver results in real-time. This analysis type is used across our solutions as well.


Understanding your Competition and Market trends are of key importance for the success and growth of your business. Having the right information enables you to set the right retail pricing, run effective promotion campaigns and invest in the right inventory and wholesale orders. Our competitor analysis offers exactly such information.

Key Features

  • High Accuracy
  • Works on Never-Seen Data
  • Real-Time Performance
  • Plug-n-Play Integrations
  • Privacy Compliance
  • Managed by eComsensus
  • Empowering all eComSensus Solustions.
  • Supports Data-Rich Platforms
  • Cold-Start and Growth for new Platforms


eComSensus specializes in proprietary AI technology and complete solutions for eCommerce. Our core interest is in helping you grow your business via full automation, scalability and real-time adaptivity.  Our offerings are directly associated to business goals and operations. 

AI Intelligence
Our proprietary Analytics generate unique insights in real-time and utilize that information for the automation and optimization of your business operations without humans in the loop.
Business Oriented
We aim at providing complete business-oriented solutions that
scale and improve your operations and performance and ensure rapid adaptivity to market trends and shopper's interests.
Fully Managed
We actively extend our technology capabilities and the solutions we provide you. We are in charge of managing all the services and solutions; you do not need any AI or engineering experts in house.
Plug and Play
Our solutions are plug-n-play and integrate with diverse platforms and environments. Our team provides detailed integration plans and performs the integrations on your platform.

OUR Solutions

eComSensus utilizes its AI technology and expertise to empower a diverse set of fully-automated and managed solutions that address various business objectives such as customer retention, conversions, customer base growth and intelligent retail pricing. Our solutions are not just some raw APIs, but end-to-end solutions with SDK integrations, Dashboards and Performance Reporting. By choosing our solution you hold as accountable for service operations and performance delivery.

Platform recommendations

Facilitating the navigation and journey of the shopper on your platform by recommending relevant listings that fit her needs are of key importance for customer satisfaction and retention. Predicting and offering the right product to your costumer builds trust,  extended platform visits and high conversions. It is reported than over 40% of eCommerce sales are directly associated with recommendations.

Getting recommendations right may be quite challenging and time consuming. It typically requires detailed data on your product inventory that may not be available by suppliers, precisely collection of behavioral data, extraction of useful information from images and last an understanding on how your competitor recommends products to customers.

Getting top-tier recommendations requires all the above, a team of in-house engineering and AI experts,  significant capital, long delivery times and high risk. Our AI technology is ready to deliver top quality recommendations on your platform right away.

  • Product Page, Search, Menu Recommendations
  • Cross-Recommending Partner-Platform Products
  • Promoted Merchant Recommendations
  • Leveraging NLP, Behavioral, Image and Competition Analytics
  • Adapting to New Data, Performance and Platform Insights
  • Performance Tracking
AI Affiliate Program

Affiliate Programs for Publishers are proven to be extremely resourceful for expanding the user base visiting your eCommerce business and also driving well-targeted traffic to specific product pages. Being able to associate 3rd-party web or app content and their user data with the best fitting products from your inventory is an extremely effective form of marketing with high conversions.

While, affiliate programs have been around for a long time we see a number of pitfalls and complications that they are not addressed until today. Affiliate Programs typically require human involvement;  Such approaches are not scalable and effective for multiple reasons. Current industry practices request a human being to find the best fitting products while content is created at enormous rates and a typical product inventory consists of tens of millions of products. Furthermore, no analytics and business insights are leveraged by existing solutions. Last, content creators or publishers are requested to manually generate and copy code snippets.

Our answer to the current playground is a fully automated solution. Our AI technologies leverage Text, Behavioral, Image and Business Intelligence insights to automatically select the right product listings for each 3rd-party page. Furthermore, our delivery platform and integration plugins automatically place and track the performance of the affiliate ads on the publisher platform.



  • Fully Automated Affiliate Program
  • AI in charge of Placing Product Listings
  • Complete Delivery Platform and Integrations
  • Leveraging NLP, Behavioral, Image and Competition Analytics
  • Plug-N-Play Integrations for Web and Mobile Platforms
  • Performance Tracking
marketplace Advertising

Modern eCommerce platforms typically operate as marketplaces where multiple stores that are owned by different merchants of different sizes compete for attracting customers and selling their product inventory.

Such dynamic environment brings a lot of opportunity both for merchants and customers and of course for the eCommerce platform. Platform owners can charge their store partners in exchange for premium promotion and advertising across the eCommerce platform via specialized Recommendations, Ads and Product Listings.

Addressing the promotional requirements of the stores and merchants on your platform can be quite challenging. Their requirements change continuously in multiple directions such as the products they want to promote, the budget they will to spend, their competitive edge and their expected ROI. At the same time, merchants require transparency and reassurance they are not overcharged by the platform in exchange for promotion.

Our complete solution covering all the above requirements is a fully-automated, self-service platform where merchants set their promotional goals and budget comfort zone on demand. Our real-time header bidding (auctioning) engine ensures a healthy competition between the merchants who will to purchase platform promotion. Lastly, our delivery platform places the selected promotional recommendations and ads on the platform.


  • Automated Merchant Advertising Platform
  • Real-time Header Bidding (Auctioning)
  • Serving Promotional Listings and Platform Ads
  • “Self-Service” Dashboard for Merchants
  • Leveraging NLP, Behavioral, Image and Competition Analytics
  • Performance Tracking

Social media platforms attract the interest of online users and they maintain userbases of billions of active users who may spend more than six hours a day on those platforms. While online, a user may generate some new content but the majority of the time she reviews content of other users, brands and organizations.

It is statistically proven that over 60% of that content is directly or indirectly associated with products that are sold online such as apparel, electronics etc. Those correlations motivate users to further research those products and potentially buy them but there is  an accessibility obstacle. Social platforms do not really facilitate the discovery of  eCommerce businesses and their products and the user eventually is forced to search on other platforms and web in order to buy the product. This process becomes  too complex and the customer loses interest.

Our approach for solving this challenge is an intelligent conversational bot that facilitates product discovery by integrating directly with Social Media such as Facebook Messenger, Line and Twitter. The moment a user sees something appealing, she can open the Facebook chat or any other chat and inquiry your business about that product and purchase it directly.

  • Customer Outreach on Social Media
  • Real-Time Product Search Discovery
  • Integrations with Major Social Media
  • AI-Driven Product Discovery
  • Leveraging Conversational and Social Media Data
  • Performance Tracking

Building customer trust, achieving shopper retention and making your business useful to your customer on a daily base is a costly and resource consuming process. Shoppers visits on your platform follow different patterns and express different needs. Some users value special deals or product variety and some others need to be reminded about their shopping cart and needs. Personalized campaigns  and messaging have become an industry standard and aim at high customer retention and increasing sales.

Developing a state of the art campaign and reach out infrastructure is a time consuming and costly process that involves large teams of engineering and marketing expertise. Our solution here aims at providing a cutting-edge solution that is ready to serve your business needs without requiring any engineering or marketing resources on your side. Our AI technology understands the customer requirements and directly contact her with the right offerings.


  • Personalized Campaigns
  • AI Automated Customer Outreach
  • Supports Social Media, eMail, SMS
  • Strict Privacy and Anonymity Policies
  • Leveraging NLP, Behavioral, Image and Competition Analytics
  • Performance Tracking
AI inventory management

Inventory Processing and Management has been a pain-point since the early days of eCommerce and commerce in general. Product items come from different vendors using different standards or practices and the associated metadata is typically insufficient.  Those hard realities making inventory management a costly process that typically involves large corporate departments. Our objective here is to leverage AI and automation with the goal of reducing costs and complexity while discovering new optimization opportunities.

We utilize our AI technology to extract meaningful information from unstructured and semi-structured text content, product traits from images and track the product inventory trends of competition. We leverage all the collected information in order to automatically categorize products in fixed or dynamic taxonomies, filter descriptions and detect misplaced or mismanaged products. We enable fully-automated listing of new inventory on your platform or any 3rd party platform.

  • Product Inventory Analysis & Processing
  • Automated Product Categorization
  • Description Filtering and Canonicalization
  • Works well with Wholesale Suppliers/Vendors
  • Leverages Flexible Sourcing such as Drop-Shipping Supply
  • Performance Data for Monitoring and Optimization
Ai multi-channel sales

Modern eCommerce is a very dynamic ecosystem where an eCommerce players does not only sell products on their website but also on 3rd party marketplaces such as Amazon.com and social media marketplaces.

Having a versatile sales strategy that reaches customers across all those platforms can deliver magnificent results such as higher revenue returns, more conversions and access to a far larger customer base. While this sounds lucrative it can become tricky as it requires multiple integrations (partially addressed by the industry), competitive pricing, native product placement and complex tax and billing compliance.

Our solution here brings automation via AI analytics and our intelligent platform. Our goal is to unlock the potential of multi-channel sales for businesses of any size and requirements. Our solutions comes ready out of the box and does not require any in-house teams. We start by providing quality integrations with multiple marketplaces that have been verified and tested with thousands of transactions per hour.

We then leverage our Analytics technology to automatically select the products we list and to set competitive prices that maximize revenues while making sure that make you lucrative against the competition. We, furthermore,  automatically transform the product listings to fit the culture and style of each marketplace (e.g. product listings on Amazon are very different than those on Pinterest). Lastly, we keep track of all the transactions,  associated taxes and commission fees.

  • Integrating Multiple Sales Channels
  • Automated and Adaptive Listing Selection
  • Real-Time Automated Pricing
  • AI Product Placement
  • Transaction Tracking
  • Handling Revenues, Taxes and Commissions.

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We are looking forward to get in touch with you and discuss your business objectives. We will responsibly provide you a complete solution proposal that fits your needs. 













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